Manufacturer Warranty

The structures of the devices included in this manual are covered by a 3 year warranty from the date of purchase, in accordance with Decree-Law nº 84/2021 which transposes Directives (EU) 2019/771 and 2019/770.

During this period, Orthos XXI is responsible for replacing or repairing parts that have a manufacturing defect, if one of our specialized technicians verifies that the malfunction was not caused by improper use.

The following points are not covered by the warranty:

• Improper use

• Modifications without permission

• Incorrect storage

• Poor Conservation

• Normal wear and tear

• Damage due to lack of routine maintenance.

Products included in this manual cannot be modified. Any modification, including assembly of alternate parts or accessories not recognized, can cause insecurity in the product and invalidate any security and warranty mark.

Orthos XXI refuse any responsibility in modified products or for any damage or injury arising out of these changes.

The lack of care for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, release the manufacturer from any responsibility.