BLUE is delivered in 2 easily mountable structures.

1- Backrest setting
The backrest has adjustment for three inclinations. Use the positioning pin for this adjustment. This pin has a locking stage, when it is retracted, which allows for easy adjustment of the inclination. Then just turn the knob and it will automatically lock again. After the first adjustment, repeat the same procedure on the other pin.

2- Armrest
To adjust the armrests, press the central button and adjust the position that is most comfortable. This support is only for protection of the arms and lateral support of the torso, allowing balance and safety while paddling or strolling.

3- Structure assembly and leg regulation
To connect the two structures and adjust the leg length, use the central tube and clip.

4- Mounting and dismounting the wheels
The special rubber wheels of low pressure, move easily on any kind of terrain, just careful with sharp surfaces. To fix it, slide the wheel axle until the clip fits perfectly in the hole located in the tube. To remove it, just make the opposite movement by pressing the clip and removing the axle. 
Pressure: 0,14 - 0,27 BAR (2 - 4 psi).
Inflation: to inflate or empty the wheels, use any standard bicycle pump.
*After using the wheels, don’t stock them under the sun.

5- Cable mounting (chair fixation)
The mounting is simple, handles located at the base at two different points - lateral and frontal, allow the chair to be fixed to the board with ease and as a single block. Use the cables by attaching the hooks and adjusting the tension of the cables to the full grip.

6- Front chair support in the sand
When the chair has the wheels attached to it and is used only for sun bathing or as a lounger, use the front support to level it with the floor.